I would like to place a special order, other than the standard one. Is that possible?

Of course! That's what we specialize in. Ask us about the product you are interested in or visit us at the studio and we will design it together. When you visit us, you will get to know a wide range of selected, most beautiful gemstones that will make your project richer. You can also find out more in the Your Way collection.

Which stones are most suitable for engagement rings?

All stones have a hardness factor determined on the Mohs scale. Diamonds are among the toughest (10 p.), followed by rubies and sapphires (9 p.), which makes them a great choice for an engagement ring that will remain in the family for generations.

I would like to know the sizes of rings/bracelets and the corresponding diameters.

We have prepared for you tips to measure the diameter of your ring or bracelet. The size is available here. If you need additional help, please contact us.

I need help with product selection/choice. How can I get it?

Call or write, we'll be happy to help you. You are also welcome to visit our boutique. We would be happy to advise you and tell you about our products.

Where do your diamonds come from?

Our diamonds come only from trusted suppliers. A trusted supplier is one that has a Kimberley Certificate for all its rough diamonds. This ensures that the diamonds they offer come from conflict-free sources. The Kimberley Process was introduced by a United Nations resolution, significantly reducing the export of so-called blood diamonds.

Do you recycle gold?

Of course. We use recovered 585 gold, as well as pure 999 bars.

Help! I’ve destroyed my BELLER jewellery, what now?

Don't worry! We are here to help you! We want our jewellery to be as durable as possible, so all its elements are filled with bullion (it is not empty inside). However, we know that there are situations where jewellery can be mechanically damaged. We care about your satisfaction, so you can contact us or visit our atelier. We'll find a good solution together.

Help! My jewellery made of fourteen-carat gold is getting green! What now?

Unfortunately, it happens sometimes! This is because the oils in our skin can react with gold, leaving a trace on the skin or the gold itself. Similar effects may be produced by liquids or chemicals that may have come into contact with gold jewellery. Discolouration can be removed with a soft polishing cloth. You can also visit us in the atelier, where we will restore the shine of your jewellery for free.

I would like to buy a product with engraving in a particular place. Is that possible?

Of course! Describe your wish in the "additional information" field available when placing your order or contact us.

How to make a complaint?

The Customer has the right to lodge a complaint in the cases indicated in the applicable law or under the guarantee granted. Complaints about goods can be made in any way permitted by the provisions of generally applicable law.

The following ways of making a complaint are possible:

1. Sending a package with a complaint to the headquarters of the online store - the package should contain the product being complained about, confirmation of purchase and completed Statement and Complaint Form (you are not obliged to use the form).

2. On your request, we provide the possibility of collecting the package with the complaint by courier. To take advantage of this opportunity, please send an e-mail to shop@beller.pl or call us on 0048 731 091 091

Remember to attach to the complaint a confirmation of purchase of the goods (it may be e.g. a fiscal receipt, VAT invoice, certificate of authenticity documenting the purchase or any other evidence allowed by law). Without getting acquainted with the goods complained about, it is impossible for us to resolve the complaint.

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