At BELLER, we care about the transparency of information when it comes to the origin of all the raw materials that we work with every day. All the materials — diamonds, gemstones, gold, and silver — are sourced in a responsible manner.
Our priority is ensuring the highest quality of the ore and diamonds and therefore they all come only from trusted and licensed suppliers holding the Kimberley Certificate. This certificate confirms that all the materials have been mined in regions free from military conflicts.
We have established quality requirements for all the gemstones and diamonds we use, as we believe that jewellery can be your talisman for many years to come. We only work with D/E/F colour diamonds, characterised by the best clarity (VVS1 and VS1). All diamonds come with certificates from reputable gemmological laboratories, such as GIA and HRD Antwerp. Importantly, we only select natural gemstones of AAA quality, which highlights their uniqueness, as they are — like all our products — one of a kind. 
BELLER is continuously implementing new solutions designed to protect the natural environment and minimise its own negative environmental impact. This is why we offer our customers a GOLD RECYCLING service. This service allows us to make products from our current collection with the ore you provide us. The process consists in recovering 24-carat gold from provided products, and making new and unique BELLER products just for you from the jewellery you no longer wear that carries with it part of your unique story.
We therefore make jewellery in our unique goldsmith’s workshop that is not only beautiful and top quality, but also made responsibly with the application of the best gold craftsmanship techniques. 

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