Angle Silver Bracelet N°25

642,28 zł



A perfectly smooth surface and a simple, yet chunky form – this is what the bracelets from the “Angle” collection stand for. However, we decided to challenge this design by making a precise, perfectly straight cut on a part of its circumference. It is the perfect choice for a man who values what is simple, but distinctive. In order for the model to best match the expectations of the future owner, it comes in three variants with different heights of the cut. The bracelet has been manufactured entirely by hand out silver. It is filled with the same metal alloy. When manufacturing our products we use 925 silver, thanks to which the bracelet, apart from its unique design, is distinguished by extreme durability and resistance to mechanical damage. 

Weight of the bracelet: 12,64 g.

Each product is made by hand with attention to every detail, so the lead time is 5-6 working days – if you need your order faster, please contact us at

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