Pearl Silver Necklace N°36

934,96 zł

After placing the order, be sure to write a message with the length you choose. You can find the available lengths here



Pearls are not always perfectly regular – they come in a variety of shapes. And that is one of their amazing features that inspired this design. This is a subtle, luxury item of jewellery – a necklace with a classic chain and an element modelled on an irregular, elongated pearl which refracts light beautifully. A little magic, a lot of elegance. The necklace has been manufactured entirely by hand out of 925 silver. The piece is filled with the same metal alloy. The 925 silver that we use for manufacturing our products is extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage. The necklace weighs 4.03 g.

Each product is made by hand with attention to every detail, so the lead time is 5-6 working days – if you need your order faster, please contact us at

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