Twirl Silver Ring N°41

691,06 zł

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What inspired us to create this ring was our fascination with the shape of a circle and its perfection. The simple form of the ring labels it as a classic. However, a closer look reveals its dynamic side. Indeed, it is hard to take one's eyes off the gestures of a hand adorned with this ring. It is an item of luxury jewellery that, drawing from the classics and the newest trends, has found its own unique style. The ring has been manufactured entirely by hand out of 925 silver. The piece is filled with the same metal alloy. The 925 silver that we use for manufacturing our products is extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage. The ring weighs 1.81 g.

Each product is made by hand with attention to every detail, so the lead time is 5-6 working days – if you need your order faster, please contact us at

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