Your Way Gold Ring N°3

1 747,97 zł

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Unique gemstones require you to place them in the best possible setting. Our jewelers carefully select the type of seating according to the shape, cut and size of each stone. The result is timeless designs that come to life even more thanks to a specific play of light and the best possible cut, which brings out the glow of precious stones. The 585 gold we use to create our products is extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage.

The stone embedded in the ring is Topaz with a brilliant cut, faceted, white in color, with AAA transparency. The weight of the stone is 0.50 CT, and the total weight of the ring is 1.15 g.

Each product is made by hand with attention to every detail, so the lead time is 5-6 working days – if you need your order faster, please contact us at

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