Your Way Gold Ring N°4

2 235,77 zł 2 235,77 zł

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Tsavoryt - is one of the oldest gemstones, but it was discovered only in the 70s of the last century, near the Tsavo National Park in Kenya. It owes its name to him. Tsavoyt is the rarest of the grenades, it impresses with its green color and exceptional transparency. At BELLER, we value everything that is unique, therefore it could not be missing from our collection of precious stones. Framed by hand in 14 carat gold, it gains a classic character that fits perfectly.

The stone embedded in the ring is a tsavorite from the garnet group, faceted, oval - shaped, green in color and AAA transparent. The weight of the stone is 0.50 CT, and the total weight of the ring is 1.18 g.

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